WP-Prosperity 2.4 With New Shortcodes, New Fonts and Much More

I recently published an update to my premium WordPress theme, WP-Prosperity. Included in this update are a few minor bug fixes, as well as some added functionality. Here’s a list of changes and additions included with version 2.4:

  1. Added several web-safe fonts to Theme Settings page – Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, Rockwell, Times, Cambria, Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Calibri, Impact.
  2. Added WordPress 4.1 Title Tag function.
  3. Added option in Theme Settings to convert Read More link to a button.
  4. Added option for non-parallax background images in Wide Content Box shortcode.
  5. Added code for mobile navigation menus to display “MENU” next to icon.
  6. Added option to hide thumbnail navigation on Gallery Slider.
  7. Added option to hide Single Post Featured Image in WP-Prosperity Post Options.
  8. Added option to hide Single Page Featured Image in WP-Prosperity Page Options
  9. Added Theme Settings to change Button Colors.
  10. Added Posts-by-Category shortcode.
  11. Improved styling for Alternate Narrow Featured Content Slider.
  12. Improved styling for Search widget.
  13. Changed Large Thumbnail size to 740px X 493px for higher quality images.
  14. Updated Bootsrap to version 3.3.1.
  15. Updated Font Awesome icon font to version 4.3.
  16. Removed Genericon icon font.
  17. Fixed background-image bug in Wide Content Box  shortcode and WP-Prosperity Text Widget.
  18. Fixed bug that prevented WordPress Customizer from functioning properly.
  19. Fixed minor bug in Related Posts function.
  20. Fixed minor bug in Icon Box shortcode.

How to Get the Latest Version of WP-Prosperity

If you’ve already purchased WP-Prosperity, you can download the latest version at my WP-Prosperity membership site here. If you’ve not yet purchased a copy, get it here.